Is Your Marriage A Fixer Upper?

I love to watch home remodeling shows. I think it stems, in part, from when I was a teenager and my parents bought a house that they completely remodeled top to bottom. I spent many of my adolescent years changing bedrooms, living in dust, and waking to the sound of […]

The One Word That Can Change Your Life

Setting goals for the new year.    Okay, so I might be a little bit late with this post. I mean, it is, after all, January 26. And by this time most people have reached the “I might have been a little bit insane when I set this resolution” phase. […]

3 Critical Parenting Skills You Learned In Kindergarten

Okay, in my last post I talked about how to share your child’s emotion, during an emotional response, to facilitate empathy and understanding. There are two more parts to the process of strengthening your relationship that I will talk about here. They are: Share her attention Share her intention  Share […]

Three Critical Parenting Skills You Learned In Kindergarten

Often times the biggest complaint I hear from parents is “My child won’t listen to me!” And my response to them is “Are you listening to your child?” Many times as parents we get so caught up in trying to get our children to do what we want them to […]

“NO” Is Not A Four-Letter Word!

Ironically, what is often a child’s first and most commonly spoken word becomes increasingly more difficult to say as that child becomes an adult. “No” is used by toddlers as a first expression of independence, yet we, as adults, have developed an aversion to it. In my work as a […]

Create a New Tradition in Four Easy Steps

Traditions are an important part of family life. They are a foundation on which a family can build trust and identity, they bring families together in a common bond, they offer security and connection during tough times, and they provide opportunities to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. So […]